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Family Support

Family members often want to help their loved one but are not often sure what exactly to do or say.  Sometimes, they may actually feel anxious or afraid to engage because they may say or do the wrong thing.  We will provide resources to you, as the support person, to encourage, listen, and be supportive of the one you care about…


This section is designed for the veteran to find the resources that we have available to combat PTSD.  You may have never thought you would end up in this place, but we are military trained personnel who have “been there”.  The resources we provide are real world answers to combat world problems.


Here at Combat PTSD, one of our missions is to help train professionals in the art and science of combat PTSD.  Military culture is very unique. Understanding that culture, knowing what the best treatments are for combat PTSD, and having resources available to you that are clear, supportive and show results is imperative.